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EVA POE solar PV encapsulation film production line

EVA solar PV encapsulation film production line


EVA POE EPE Solar Film Extrusion Line


EVA POE EPE packaging film is mainly used for solar cell encapsulation. The EVA/POE/EPE solar film, in terms of adhesion and durability, has superior optical characteristics; it is more and more widely used in the electric cell module and many optical products

GWELL developed new type of EVA/POE/EPE solar film extrusion line, with high output, by two or three extruder co-extrusion, line speed 2x13m/min, and automatic winder, 

Machine are exported to America, India, Turkey, and Thailand.

Line speed(m/min)1010


EVA POE EPE film can be used for solar cells, crystalline silicon cells, thin film photovoltaic cells and

other components within the packaging material. The content of 30% -33% of the EVA resin

as main raw material, made through a special process, with strong bonding, high light

transmission, anti-aging characteristics.

EPE film is three layer flim, combined by EVA/POE/EVA three layer, the ratio of each layer is 1/2/1, or 1/1/1, 

POE is better in water and air barrier performance, but due to POE cost is higher than EVA, market 

still mostly using the EVA, not POE, but EPE is a kind of alternative solution, to find a middle point, 

EPE cost is in the middle between EVA and POE, also the quality is better than EVA.

Feature of EVA/POE/EPE film:

1) Excellent durability, such as weather resistance, high temperature and high

humidity resistance, UV light resistance.

2) Excellent adhesion to glass, metal and plastics PET, TPT maintaining long term adhesion

3) Excellent light and transmittance and transparency.

4) Inactivation and harmless in solar cell during processing.

5) Have a high cross linking rate after lamination.

6) Good encapsulating property