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Advantages of GWELL EVA solar film production line

There are few advantages of GWELL EVA solar film production line: 

First, Shrinkage rate is the key parameter of EVA Encapsulation film. A low-shrinkage film allows a smooth and fast laminating process. The more shrinkage a film has the more carefully the warm up procedure must be controlled and could increase the laminating time.

EVA film produced on regular extrusion lines has naturally a shrinkage which effects not only the process of laminating but can result in destroyed wafers and therefore creating waste and thus increased production costs.

Since the regular extrusion systems, using calenders or cast rolls, are limited to a certain speed/output, China GWELL has developed a profitable system for the production of EVA film and POE film materials.

With the developed extrusion process of GWELL, it is possible to extrude EVA film at high speed by keeping the shrinkage low. The process avoids tension in the film right from the start. Post annealing systems are therefore not required. In this way the line consumes also less energy. EVA film makers are faced to a higher profitability by using the new technology since the output is much higher. (With 2600mm width, output can be maximal 800kg/h, for EPE or EVA or POE structure)

EPE is a new structure more and more widely used in the market, the structure is EVA/POE/EVA three layer, the ratio of each layer is 1/2/1, or 1/1/1, POE is more better in water and air barrier performance, but POE cost is still higher than EVA, that is the reason GWELL invented the new technology for EPE film machine.

with two sets of extruder, one for EVA, one for POE, so it combined by feedblock to make Three layer EPE film, the cost is tremendously going down, but quality is better than monolayer EVA film. also the output of machine is double, 800kg/h.

For the module manufacturers using such low-tension film it means that they can run their laminators more stable and as fast as possible. They will have the advantage of trouble-free production combined with a more reliable and efficient manufacturing. Notable module manufacturers are therefore very much interested in getting low shrinkage film.

Second, by using GWELL EVA solar film machine, the Regrind material coming from the edge stripes can be processed again. This saves not only costs but also valuable resources.

Third, EVA solar film production need formula, there are resin and additives, liquids as well as granules are need to be dosed into extrusion machine. The compounding is easily crosslinked if temperature too high, so the extrusion should be under low temperature. GWELL machine has a closed loop for the cooling circuit, and works with a low temperature extrusion process.

Finally, a number of machines were sold in China, India, and also USA, and installed worldwide successfully. Welcome to contact us, The EVA solar film production line is developed and produced by GWELL, China.

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