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GWELL EPE solar film Machine

The EPE solar film is more and more popular in the market, 

as the The TOPCON MODEL solar cell is more and more used in the market, the POE film is more widely used. comparing the cost, POE material is still higher than EVA, so there is another way to reduce the cost, 

To make EPE film, that is EVA/POE/EVA three layers. 

EPE film machine was first invented by GWELL, with this three layer structure, The final cost of Solar film is significantly decreased. 

EPE is a new structure more and more widely used in the market, the structure is EVA/POE/EVA three layer, the ratio of each layer is 1/2/1, or 1/1/1, POE is more better in water and air barrier performance, but POE cost is still higher than EVA, that is the reason GWELL invented the new technology for EPE film machine.

with two sets of extruder, one for EVA, one for POE, so it combined by feedblock to make Three layer EPE film, the cost is tremendously going down, but quality is better than monolayer EVA film. also the output of machine is double, 800kg/h.

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