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ASA Decorative film production line

ASA Decorative film production line


Advantages of ASA functional decorative film

ASA film is widely used in roof tile because of its outstanding anti-aging properties. It can realize on-line thermal recombination, uniform thickness, no color difference and high bonding strength while overlaying the roof tile. It overcomes the problem of chromatic aberration in traditional co extrusion ASA composite and also saves raw material cost. The processing thickness range of ASA surface: 0.05-0.2mm, width 1500mm, uniform thickness and stable size

ASA decorative film equipment

CHINA GWELL Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in producing ASA film extrusion line: the equipment is mainly composed of extruder, screen changer, metering pump, mold, three roll forming machine, cooling bracket, traction, winding, etc.

The new process eliminates the granulation link and greatly reduces the production cost. High degree of automation and labor saving.