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Why EVA is important in Solar cell panel production

The photovoltaic modules are composed of various components that surround the solar cells. Whose function is to protect them from external agents. Such is the case of the EVA encapsulant.


EVA is ethylene vinyl acetate, a material that has good radiation transmission and low degradability to sunlight. This is a thermoplastic polymer, which is used in solar modules as an encapsulating agent since, by applying heat to the assembly, it forms a sealing and insulating film around the solar cells. It prevents the entry of air and the formation of moisture, lets the sun‘s energy go through while being resistant to sunlight degradation over time.

What happens if the EVA is of poor quality?

Solar cells are made of silicon. This chemical element tends to react to other molecules; among its favorites is oxygen. If the EVA is of poor quality or the lamination process was not done correctly, the silicon wafer will come into contact with water or air (both very rich in oxygen) and the panel will begin to oxidize, looking yellow or brown depending on the case.

In this photo, you can see the effects that occur when a silicon wafer oxidizes.


The consequences? The panel has lower efficiency, which will reduce the efficiency of the entire system.

The solution? Replace the panel with a new one.

How can you avoid this?

buy a qualified machine to make high quality EVA film. China GWELL offer EVA solar film machine for high quality EVA film production.

Almost 90% of EVA film producers bought GWELL EVA film machine. 

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